WOW! Can you believe it's almost Spring Break?!? Seems like this semester is just flying by. We will have our last Math TAKS Benchmark this week (Tuesday) and after Spring Break, we will be hitting those TEKS we need to "ACE" the real deal...I KNOW we can do this!!

This semester wraps up my 12th year of teaching. I have taught 6th, 7th and 8th Resource Regular and Pre-AP Math; all here at Wallace Middle School. I am very excited to be working with our 7th grade Mathematicians this year.

I graduated from Southwest Texas State with a Bachelor's Degree in Education, specializing in Mathematics. I have lived in Kyle for 16 years with my wonderful husband and three amazing daughters. When not in school my family enjoys NASCAR, camping, fishing and pizza/movie night. I especially enjoy sitting by the river with a good book.

Parents, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. 
I look forward to a great year.

268-2891  ext. 6646

Mission Statement

It is my goal as a teacher to make sure every student feels emotionally and academically safe in my classroom; that I aid each student in setting and reaching goals that ensure their success. My mission is to hold my students accountable to high expectations and be a positive example; guiding them toward the goals they have set for themselves. I believe all students are capable of being and doing what they set their minds to. 

It is my goal to ensure all of my students leave my class with a security in basic mathematic knowledge and the ability to logically think through problems they may encounter in a way that instills confidence and an understanding of themselves that, yes, they are capable of “doing math;” so that when they move on to high school and beyond they will not be afraid of the higher expectations that await them. I believe all students are capable of being and doing what they set their minds to.