Mrs. Porras’ Classroom Procedures

Entering Classroom:  as students enter the classroom –

1.    Pick up warm-up (paper or supplies)
2.    Sharpen pencil if necessary
3.    Write down assignment in planner
4.    Begin warm up
5.    Be finished with planner and warm up by 10 minutes past bell.

            Warm-up CHAMPs
Conversation– quiet conversation, partner or small group depending on warm-up
Help – help may come from partner or group; no help from teacher(unless arrangements have already been made)
Activity – the warm up/planner
Movement – movement may include sharpening pencils, gathering manipulatives needed for warm up, partner chat
Participation– all students will participate

Tardy to Class:

Arriving to class on time means that students are in the classroom following the “entering classroom” procedures before the bell rings; being tardy means that students are not in the room following procedures before the bell rings.  If students are tardy, they must sign the tardy log, gather warm-up supplies and have a seat. 5 tardies will result in an office referral.


Students are responsible for bringing their own paper and pencil (or pen) to class each day. If students do not have paper or pencil they have two options;

1.    Borrow from a friend
2.    Borrow from teacher. To borrow from teacher, students must leave collateral on my desk. (a shoe, notebook, etc…)

Daily assignments:

Daily objectives and assignments will be posted on the chalkboard. Assignments will be boxed. Objective and assignments are to be written in student’s planners as they enter the classroom.

Classroom Instruction procedures/CHAMPs:

Conversation –students may answer questions or make comments aloud as is appropriate for classroom discussion.
Help - raise hand.
Activity – actively listening to instruction, taking notes if necessary.
Movement – students may move into groups when necessary, sharpen pencil or leave classroom with permission.
Participation – All students will participate in classroom discussion/instruction.


Turning in assignments:

Assignments are to be turned in to the class baskets on the back shelf (under the social contracts).

Returning of assignments:

Assignments will be graded and returned by the following week, if not sooner. Returned assignments are to be kept in students’ folder/binder for test review.


Grades will be entered into the computer as assignments are graded. Students may request grade checks during class as time permits, before or after school. Progress reports will be given to students after the third week of the grading period and report cards after the sixth week.


When a student returns from an absence they are to present their admit slip to the teacher. It is their responsibility to request any missed assignments. Students will have as many days as they have been absent to turn in the missed assignment. If a student misses a test, they may come in at lunch or make arrangements to stay after school to make up the missed test.

Late, missing, incomplete assignments:

If students turn in late assignments, school policy will be enforced. If a student fails to turn in an assignment, they will receive lunch detention until the assignment is turned in. Incomplete assignments will be graded as is. 

Communication with parents/families:

The teacher’s website will be updated weekly with assignments, projects, and upcoming tests. Any need to contact the teacher may be done by phone or email; listed on website: Parent contact information will be requested and kept on file.

End of class:

Class will be dismissed by the teacher, not the bell, unless otherwise stated.

Consequences of Classroom Expectations Violations:

          Classroom expectation violations will be handled as follows:

1.    Reminder of expectations/social contract
2.    Warning
3.    Lunch detention/parent contact if necessary
4.    Parent contact
5.    Office referral

Consequences for Code of Conduct Violations:

School policy must be followed pertaining to dress code, unexcused absences, threats, fighting, etc. See Student Code of Conduct for consequences.